Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Changes at The Manely Firm!

It is an exciting time in The Practice.  As many of you already know, we've hired two new, excellent associates and have opened up The Firm's Atlanta office, within yards of the Courthouse.  Also, Stephanie Steele has been promoted to Supervising Attorney and is heading up the Lawrenceville office.

Jeremy Abernathy comes to us by way of Morehouse for his undergraduate and Loyola for his J.D.  I've watched his court work and he is a gifted litigator, perfectly suited to family law in his firm but professional style.

Elizabeth Marum comes to us by way of University of Florida for her undergraduate and my alma mater, Georgia State University for her J.D.  Go Panthers!  Elizabeth has an excellent sense for managing difficult circumstances.  I've already gotten to work with her in mediation where she successfully resolved a very complex and emotional case.

I am proud to have both of them on my team.

The Atlanta office is fantastic.  As I wrote, it is just yards from the Fulton County Courthouse on the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Peachtree Street.  The location couldn't be better for working with our clients while in Court, for efficiently managing our Fulton county work load and for just being ia part of  the Courthouse community there, not to mention in the middle of all the exciting changes happening in that neighborhood.

I'll write more tomorrow about the great work that the firm is doing in Lawrenceville.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Strategic and Intelligent Decisions — Not Just Aggressive Ones

Many law firms only handle divorce cases in an aggressive manner. While aggressive strategies are the best option in come circumstances, there are times when they work against a clients' divorce goals. We can aggressively represent your interests when necessary, but we understand that an aggressive approach is sometimes counterproductive.

At The Manely Firm, P.C., in Atlanta, we take a more commonsense approach. When we handle divorce cases, we analyze the situation to offer strategic and intelligent representation. Our lawyers take multiple approaches because we know that the best approach is the one that fits your particular situation. Sometimes this means a quick divorce settlement, while other times it means turning to well thought out litigation.