Monday, February 1, 2010

Ah, Lawrenceville

I have been trying cases in Lawrenceville now for over 20 years, literally since before I became an attorney.  My last year of law school at GSU, the Georgia Mock Trial Competition was held at the brand new Courthouse in Lawrenceville.  And I believe it has been held at the Gwinnett County Courthouse  from then on.  My team won first in the State, back in 1989, and Lawrenceville has been very kind to me ever since.

We opened our office in Lawrenceville in March, 2009.  While I've always had the good fortune to work extensively in Gwinnett Superior Court over the years, it seems as if the flood gates opened.  Many clients were pleased to find an all family law firm in Lawrenceville.  Family law is very complicated and intricate.  It is neither a practice for the faint of heart nor the part timers who dabble in other areas as well.

We couldn't ask for better Judges than in Gwinnett.  I find them all to be reasonable, rational, direct and well suited to their post.  I'd have to say I particularly prefer Judge Jackson because I have practiced in front of him for many, many years and he has taught me much. 

Our building is nestled in the woods, in a little two story house.  It is the last building you see before you enter the Courthouse parking lot.  It is the only house anywhere around.  It is surrounded by tall poplars and sweetgums.  I couldn't ask for a better location or better space in which to practice our art.

Even if you aren't in need of a family law lawyer right now, stop in and visit with us.  Great things are happening in Gwinnett!

Michael Manely 

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