Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Canton of Cherokee County

I think I have lived in Cherokee County, particularly in Canton, more particularly in the Superior Court, for the better part of the past two weeks.

I like our quaint office there.  It is a quiet space, just off the atrium in the Babcock building.  No bustle, little noise, just perfect for diving in to complex issues as you do the final prep for your trial.

And I've "discovered" the R&M Sandwich Shop located cattycornered to the Courthouse entrance across the Square.  I've discovered it, even though it has been there for something like 30 years or so.  I truly enjoy the Prosciutto and Egg sandwich.  What a treat.

Canton has a book store with a fair collection and a pharmacy with many things you could and probably would want in a pinch.  They supplied me with safety pins when I was most unexpectedly in need.  It even has a shoe repair shop.  In short, this town has much of what every town ought to have in its center.  It has stuff that residents need.  It is a functioning downtown.

And, once you get there, it is very walkable.

But back to Court, which, as I say, is where I live.

The past two weeks I've been in front of all three Superior Court Judges and received quite favorable rulings from each.  As you often read here, I make my living by accurately predicting what a judge is likely to do, not from any power of prognostication, but from many, many, many years of working through these issues with most of these same judges.  Still, it is a treat to present a case and have the vindication of a ruling.  As Judge recently said to an opposing counsel, "Well what objection do you have to Mr. Manely's solution.  It seems very reasonable." 

The thing about Cherokee County Superior Court is, when you come to Court, you better pack breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Oh, yeah, for lunch you can scoot over to R&M Sandwich Shop for a Prosciutto and Egg sandwich. 

The Court calendar call starts around 9:00.  Everyone has to be there then, and the Judge's could quite possibly keep you all day.  Twice last week I concluded my case in the evening.  Today I was blissfully done by lunch time, just in time to stop in a R&M Sandwich Shop for a Prosciutto and Egg sandwich.  Yum.

But seriously folks, once you get a ruling from one of the Judges, I predict that with the right advice and competent representation you'll be pleased, but getting to that point can be an endurance test. 

Michael Manely

(Mr. Manely was not paid or otherwise enriched by his ringing endorsement of the Prosciutto and Egg sandwich at R&M Sandwich Shop, except by his sheer pleasure of enjoying the sandwich itself)

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