Monday, October 4, 2010


Tonight's Blog Post is authored by Attorney Jeremy Abernathy.


As a child, nothing compared to getting off the cheese (a/k/a/ the school bus), telling my mother I had no homework assignments, jumping on my bike, and signaling for Abby, my trusty chow dog, to accompany me as I meet up with my neighborhood pals.  My friends and I, with dogs in tow, ventured through the woods searching for old coins and trail-blazing new bike paths.

One afternoon, my dog, Abby, cornered my friend Russell’s dog, Bandit.  Bandit, a mixed breed of some sort and relatively small, was by far the least aggressive of all the neighborhood dogs.  Bandit, however, did not back down from this challenge.  He squared off and stood poised to totally obliterate Abby.  Consequently, I stepped in to preempt witnessing a massacre.

In my profession, people “corner” people too, thus requiring the legal system to step in.  During a recent free consultation, a mother discussed how her husband cornered her.  She described his physical and verbal abuse.  She explained how he blames her for the death of their son who died in an automobile accident two years ago.  She also lamented how she fears he will leave the country and take their remaining minor son away from her.

The legal system can “step in” to provide temporary alimony for this mother to maintain the household bills and expenses.  The legal system can step in to require the husband to pay child support to the mother.  The legal system can step in to award the mother temporary attorney fees to properly present her case.

If you have been cornered, set up a free thirty (30) minute consultation so that we can discuss how the legal system can step in and stop you from being cornered.

Jeremy Abernathy

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