Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Chair!

I write here about weighty issues that dominate peoples' lives.  I write here about the pain suffered when one parent brutalizes another with their children as the weapon of choice. I write here about seeking, demanding and obtaining justice for Georgia families.

But tonight, I write about my new chair.

As you know, The Firm has four offices, so I have several chairs.  These chairs are critical to my life.  Even though I'm in court quite often, like most office bound workers I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting down in my chair.  I'd say I come close to spending as much time in my chair as I do in my bed.  (I don't really get much sleep if you are doing the math.)  So chairs are really important.

Today I bought, built and sat in for the first time a new chair for my Atlanta office.  It is a beautiful leather chair, rather roomy, rather well appointed, solid, firm and soft, all at the same time.  Though evening was rolling in and darkness was falling outside, I could scarcely pry myself away from that luxurious throne, a veritable monument to the glories of desk work.

It was expertly engineered, a cinch to assemble, taking barely more than 15 minutes, and even came with its own Allen wrench.  The instructions were clear in English, French and Spanish (I'm trusting they were clear in French and Spanish).  The casters glided flawlessly across the ancient hard wood floor of that glorious space (not that I did an inordinate amount of gliding, mind you.)

As I sat in my chair, my feet were inexorably drawn up to my desk (it's actually more of a table), where they rested, one atop the other as I kicked back in resplendent splendor, basking deeply in the comfort of this leather creation as the evening crept on.  So there I sat and there I dreamed of the exquisite briefs I would draft in the years ahead, supported by the fine work of art which cradled me.

Viva la chair!

Michael Manely


  1. Michael,

    You are a great writer. You are a brilliant mind. You might also be, in the immortal Saturday Night Live words of Captain Kirk, someone who needs to "get a life". Just kidding. Now, resolve any family disputes in this chair yet?

  2. Mr. Maneley, you are mentioned in this video - in a 'round about way' re: Cobb County School Evolution Stickers:

    Thank you again, for taking up for the 'cause of reason'