Monday, March 28, 2011

International Society of Family Law

We've recently returned from nearly a week in Nassau, Bahamas, where we attended a conference of the International Society of Family Law, of which we are members.

The Conference concerned "The Legal and Social Consequences of the Disintegration and Reconstitution of Families."  We spent several days listening to the presentation of papers from distinguished jurists, professors, practitioners and social service providers on this subject.

Since the Conference was held in the Caribbean, far and away the largest group of attendees and presenters came from Caribbean nations.  Other attendees and presenters came from as far away as Sweden and Serbia.  Britain was particularly well represented.

We learned much, mingled much and ate much.  We met many, many new people in our larger community.  We were graced by the distinctly different accents from the many Caribbean islands.  We were treated to high state dinners and exquisite sun sets while the Defense Forces Band played on into the night.

If you would like to peruse the Programme you can find it here:

I'll write much more about this Conference in the weeks to come, but tonight I want to sum it all up in little more than a thought.  What we learned, first and foremost is that families and family issues are the same everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere.  The Judges in Trinidad are dealing with the exact same issues as the Judges in Fulton County.  The approaches to family issues of the Judges in Serbia and London are the same as the Judges in Cobb County.  The remedies employed by the Judges in Grenada are the same as the remedies employed by the Judges in Gwinnett County.

Bottom line: people are people and families are families no matter where you go.  It was a wonderful confirmation of a guiding principle in our practice.

Michael Manely


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