Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

We are mere weeks away from the beginning of school and, thereby, the end of summer.  But as I sit here tonight in the sweltering summer weather, here in the hottest summer ever in recorded history, school, and with it the promise of autumn and cooler temperatures, seem forever away. 

Families will soon enough return to the fast paced life of packing the kids off to school, making PTSA meetings and Parent/Teacher meetings and class events.  Soon enough parents will be back to reviewing home work and wondering how projects get lost before they get turned in.  Soon enough children will be back to early bed times (initially before dark) and extremely early rise times (maybe initially still after dawn?)  Soon enough we will make sure the uniform is washed or just the right outfit is ready to go for the next day. 

But right now families are wrapping up their summer, taking their last vacations, winding down the week long camps for the children.  Within mere days we will be "back to school" shopping, meeting teachers, and standing astonished as our young ones go out that door again into a new grade, another year behind them and another year closer to being gone from our loving grasp.

But now, it's hot and it's steamy and it's lazy.  And it's summer.  And it's great.

Michael Manely

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