Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The folks I work with.

I wanted to write tonight about the people in my firm. 

The people I get to work with are excellent people.  Everyday they labor for hours over our clients' trials and tribulations, sorting through the volumes of information, sifting down to the information we need to make strong cases, to accomplish justice.

The people I get to work with are compassionate.  They care deeply about our clients.  We rise and fall with our clients.  We are invested in their successes.  We are there to work through the trials and tribulations. We are a part of the community cheering their childrens' triumphs.

The people I get to work with are pros.  They know their stuff.  They can dig in, toe to toe with anybody, and ferret out the right information leading to the right result.  They are legal eagles, par excellence.

So, tonight I wanted to send a shout out to Stephanie, Jeremy, Elizabeth, Nora, Alyssa, Robyn, Gale, Loven, Jessica, Bill and last, but definitely not least, Lucy.  I wanted to take a moment in time to acknowledge their hard work, their compassion, their commitment to our clients.

And my thanks would be far from complete without expressing the greatest of appreciation for my wife, our business manager and future managing partner (once she finishes law school at Georgia State) Shelia, without whom, I think none of this would be possible.

Thank you all.  It is one of life's greatest privileges to work with such an excellent group of talented people.

Michael Manely

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