Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been a month

I'm not too terribly surprised that it has been over a month since I last blogged.  So much has happened with getting the boys through another semester of school, then Christmas, then New Years, then one of the boys' birthdays then Snowcalypse (although with the unexpected break caused by Snowcalypse I would have thought I'd blog more, not less) and finally, a presentation I delivered on the United Nations Agreements reached in Cancun in December.

Still, all of that is a poor excuse for neglecting my nightly blog duties.  A pox upon me for loafing.

The Firm continues to do exceptionally well.  Looking back at 2010 we actually helped more people than in 2009 which was an astonishing accomplishment in this economy.  Of course, you are familiar with our successful battles in Cyprus in getting little girls returned under the Hague convention and preventing the departure of a boy to non-Hague country, Nigeria with only 24 hours' notice, and the location and rescue of a boy who had been abducted by his estranged and violent father.

You no doubt recall reports of the trials, now too numerous to mention, but capping off with that $500,000 alimony award when the opposing counsel had asked the jury for $3.2 million.

All in all, while 2010 could have been better for our nation and our clients, it was not a bad year for The Firm.

So, now I'm back at the late night keyboard, typing out a line, reaching out into cyberspace, and dropping a few observations about this curious profession and the practice I've chosen and so dearly love - Family Law.

Stay tuned...

Michael Manely

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