Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack Lalanne

Readers of this blog will know I do not cover celebrities.  That is not my thing.  I would much rather talk about real people with real issues.

Tonight I'm writing about a real person who was also a celebrity: Jack Lalanne. But I'm not going to write divorce gossip from celebrity rags.  I'm just going to pay a quick tribute to someone who had a great influence on me.

Lalanne started his television fitness show the year I was born, 1959.  Growing up somewhat in front of the tube, I have many recollections of watching his show and trying out the fitness activities he'd advocate.  The man was in great shape. Who could argue with him?  When he started his show, he was 45, only six years younger than I am now.  His show ran for another 34 years.  His life ran for another 51.

As I became a teenager I took to working out.  At the time I credited it to Arnold and his book, "Education of a Body Builder." Arnold's movie, "Pumping Iron," didn't hurt either.  But the health conscious stuff, the eating extremely healthy and positive body focus was all Lalanne.

Looking back over the videos posted on Youtube, I'm amazed to see the insight of his work.  I had to absorb all that stuff when I was little.  Somehow it is still hardwired in me.  But as I look over at the Hershey's Bar waiting for me, I have to wonder just how deep this wisdom is buried.

We all want to live better.  We all desperately want to make better decisions.  It's right there, just for the taking.  Jack Lalanne made it undeniable.

Thanks, Jack.

Michael Manely

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