Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you have anything in crimson?

What is it?  The time on task, the integrity of the work, the "taking it to a whole new level" thing?

I'm talking about nuance.  Everywhere I look these days its is all about nuance.  And I am totally okay with it.  I like it.  I work within nuance.  I am nuance's main man.  I dig that space.  (Okay, maybe that last statement was a bit extreme.)

So much of my work is neck deep in nuance.  There are subtleties to each turn, each eddy, each choice taken, each phrase uttered, each proposition proposed.  It is an intesive diplomatic exercise.  The State Department would be proud.

How do you work a case?  How do you further the client's objectives?  Do you ram in like a steamroller, flattening everything in your path?  Is Blitzkrieg the best approach in a family setting?  I don't think so, not normally and hardly ever.  It's all in the approach, the subtle approach, the nuance. 

In litigation you have to dot your i's and cross your t's.  This is also exceptionally true in family law.  But family law is far, far more than just litigation.  True, you better know how to litigate with the best of them, up to the task of trying a case in the Old Bailey, but you also better know how to avert disaster at the Suez Canal.  You've got to talk them off the ledge, coax them to the negotiating table and leave them happy that they ever met you.  You've got to create the solution that moves everyone forward. No small feat.

So, is it the time I've been on this task, the integrity of my work or my taking it to a whole new level?  Like surfing, I think it is all of the above.  Like fine wine, it just gets better with age.  Like... oh, you get the point.
In short, nuance is my life.
It's hard work.  It is certainly tricky work.  But it is exceptionally rewarding work.  No nuance there.

Michael Manely

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