Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play it again, Sam.

Tonight's entry is written by Jeremy Abernathy, an Associate of The Manely Firm, P.C on weekdays and jammin' musician on the weekends.


On Saturdays, I rehearse with my church band. All musicians are required to bring suggested songs for Sunday service. Typically, the songs suggested exhibit all of the various musical instruments in the band. This approach allows all to contribute in some fashion to the total production.

My role is to play the drums and set the tone. I serve as the “heartbeat” of the song.

Drums, however, can overpower a song and disrupt its harmony and balance. I must stay cognizant of balance and my duty to “glue together” the moving parts of the band. This helps yield the songwriter’s intended effect.

Practicing family law is analogous to playing the drums. When dealing with the moving parts and fluidity incident to litigation, I must listen for the rhythm of a case. My role then shifts to “feeling” the perfect moment to subtly inject a “new rhythm.”

“Injecting a new rhythm” means adding an additional fact for the Court to consider before making its ruling. It means kindly interrupting opposing counsel and holding their feet to the fire to produce a statute or case that supports their view of the facts. It also means respectfully contending with a zealous mediator.

At The Manely Firm P.C., we take pride in setting the tone for our clients. Even when hired at the “eleventh hour” we smooth out disconcerting family law conundrums.

We look forward to helping you achieve a balanced “life rhythm.”
Jeremy Abernathy

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