Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gophers and Prairie Dogs

Tonight's installment is authored by Stephanie Steele, Senior Associate and Supervising Attorney for The Manely Firm, P.C.


If you’ve ever seen a nature show about gophers or prairie dogs, you have probably noticed that they pop up from dens and burrows in the ground and peer about anxiously. They look as though they are searching for something. The gopher or prairie dog will often disappear down the hole again, not to be seen for some time. Then, quite suddenly, reappear with the same anxious look.

I think people are like that sometimes.

Too often, I stop and suddenly realize that I have been so absorbed in my daily routine of going to work, coming home and doing chores, sleeping and repeating that I’ve lost track of time. I haven’t talked to my friends in a couple weeks. I haven’t taken time to look around and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. I haven’t allowed myself to – just for a few minutes – shrug off the stress and responsibilities that weigh me down.

It is important to stay connected to people in our support systems – in our civic clubs, sports leagues, churches and other social organizations to which we belong. Especially during stressful times, such as a divorce or custody case, staying connected and involved in your regular activities is a great way to maintain a sense of stability and reassurance that there are many people who care about and support you. Making time to be with friends can energize and renew us. It’s an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our children, our neighbors and our family in a way that also strengthens us.

I recently popped out of my gopher hole of routine and looked around when I received an email from our Gwinnett property manager. She sent a flyer reminding me of upcoming local events. It reminded me to pop up out of gopher hole, into the light of day and re-involve myself in the activities I enjoy and the lives of people I love.

For those in the Gwinnett area, I encourage you to take a look at the Visitors’ Bureau website for ongoing and upcoming events: http://www.gcvb.org/calendar/ .

Stephanie Steele

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