Sunday, March 21, 2010

Different clients, different needs.

Tonight's Blog entry comes from Elizabeth Marum, Associate Attorney with The Manely Firm, P.C.


The Family Law attorney is part advisor, part counselor and part bodyguard.  There is no question that divorces are difficult. Even the seemingly amicable uncontested divorces are bound to cause stresses, emotional anguish and financial hardship on all the parties involved.  No matter which way you look at it, whether you are getting freedom from a situation you wanted out of or whether you feel you are being abandoned; in the end, you have lost someone that played a significant role in your life.  It is even more difficult when children are involved and will suffer the fallout.

With each case, there comes a different client with different needs, different styles and different expectations.  It is our job to learn how to work with each person that walks through the “Family Law Firm” door because no two are alike.

There are those clients who decide they want a specific result and place the whole “baby” in their attorney’s hands.   These clients are responsive and interactive in the process, but may have difficulty when it comes time to make a decision.  Overwhelmed in the process and stresses, they turn to their attorney asking the attorney to do “whatever you think is best.”  In this case, we attorneys must remind our clients that this is their life, their world and their decision.  We can advise the client of the different paths they can take and try to predict the outcome, but ultimately it is the client’s decision and the client’s decisions only.  We cannot make a choice for them.

Then there are those who want to control all the tiny, little details of their case.  While we encourage clients to take an active role in such a pivotal change in their life, there is a reason they have hired an attorney.  This is when the attorney must remind the client that we are here not only to advise of legal rights, but to buffer the client from the day-to-day, stressful minutia of domestic litigation.  We cannot completely erase the effects of such a tumultuous period of life, but we can do our best to keep many of these stresses off your radar.

Our role as your attorneys is to help you through these difficult times.  We navigate the complex procedural processes that often seem convoluted and unnecessary.  We are here to protect your legal interests.  We are here to be your bodyguard and remove as much anxiety from your life as possible.

Elizabeth Marum


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