Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Suffer the little children

Our culture famously testifies to its concern for the children, but I wonder how different our culture would be if we actually acted with consideration for our children's futures.

It seems that we would fund education.  It seems we would eliminate pollution.   It seems we would not spend our children's future. It seems we would preserve the planet to leave the Earth better than it was when we inherited it.

It seems that we would provide for the children, not only so that they could be sheltered and be fed, but so that they could grow in happier, more productive homes. 

Children are exposed to a lot.  Children pretty much are exposed to everything.  From the toxic waste we belch into the air to the toxic waste we broadcast on all channels, children are the repositories of all bad things.  It is our true gift to them. 

And children are exposed to the toxic waste at home as well.

At home, children are exposed to family conflict.  It is inevitable that families have conflict.  But does the conflict resolve?  Does the conflict resolve positively?  Do the parties kiss and make up?  Do they expressly agree to disagree but live together in loving community? 

Does the conflict resolve negatively?  Do the parties resolve that their differences are too great to remain in  close community? Or does one party resolve that they will no longer suffer the outrages of the other?

Under both scenarios, children learn conflict resolution.  They learn productive choices.  They learn that they can impact their lives, choose better and therefore live better. 

Or does the conflict not resolve?  Does the conflict remain to be battled day after day?  Whether the conflict is heated or the house is engaged in a never ending cold war, the children live this endless drama of anger and of loneliness, of despair and hopelessness.  This life they learn is the life they will live.
It seems that if we cared about the children, we'd make their lives better.  And leaving them in an endless state of war isn't better for anyone. 

Showing our children that we can make positive choices which improves our lives enables them to make positive choices for themselves, and one day, their children.

Isn't that what we want?

Michael Manely

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