Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's nice to have an army.

I was watching the office hum today, all hands on deck, when I thought, "it's nice to have an army."

Like most family law lawyers, I spent years in the wilderness of sole practitionership.  That's a hard life and my hat is off to the multitudes who still attempt it. The bottom line is you are on your own.  Whatever comes down the pike comes down on you and you alone.  And all the fire power you can give is equally, just your own.

So as I was watching everyone busy, helping all of our clients, working toward each client's resolution day in a most constructive way, I was so thankful to be surrounded by so many talented and dedicated people.

Our neighbors down the hall in the Marietta office asked it well, "how do you get so many good people to work with you?" 

Just lucky, I guess.

Michael Manely

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