Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Other tasks

It has been a while since I ventured here to leave a reflection or two. 

Since my last entry, I've spent the better part of a week in Continuing Legal Education classes studying general trial techniques.  Considering that successful family law attorneys are in court second only to prosecutors, averaging four to five hearings a week, I knew this was an excellent CLE to attend, and the General Practice and Trial Section of the State Bar did not disapoint.

After that, I have been researching and writing a paper I delivered today on International Custody for the Family Law bar.  I was quite privileged to be asked to deliver this paper.  It is always an honor to speak before such distinguished attorneys. 

I lectured on what we call the Hague Convention, also known as the International Convention on Child Abduction.  I have handled perhaps more cases than most other attorneys so I have become fairly fluent in Hague actions, procedures and strategies.  It was a great pleasure to bring my skills to the service of the Family Law bar.

I'll get back in the throws tomorrow.  I already look forward to it.

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